Monday, February 27, 2006

Food trenches

This post is actually a week late because last week my thumbs hurt too much from digging to type. Eight hours over two days. Even the memory hurts.

This last weekend I buggered off to Sheffield for the weekend and grinned happily as the weather raged at us because it meant that even if I'd been home I couldn't have gone up to the plot. It's strange how your priorities change. No news on eejits next door as I haven't been to the pub yet (that particular pub - don't be daft).

Have repotted tomatoes, which are looking very healthy, and given one to my dad, who is looking very scared, as is the tomato. Sweet peas have appeared and seem to be growing an inch a day, which I don't think is right. Going to have to get them out fairly sharpish. Dug food trench for broad beans so I could put them next to that (no sign of broad beans at all. Bugger).

Nb: Food trench: Dig bed. Get rid of weeds. Rake bed flat. Dig trench. Think 'that was a waste of time'. Stick kitchen waste that has been lurking in flat for six weeks at bottom of trench. Gag from smell. Cover over with compost. Consider burying kitchen caddy rather than putting it back in rucksack to take home. Consider burying self rather than putting rucksack on bike and cycling home. Cover compost with soil. Go home. Head to bed. Do u-turn, take shower. Go to bed.


Anonymous Charlotte said...

Dude you rock

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