Saturday, January 14, 2006

Big French Tool

I got my hands on a big French tool! And bloody useful it was as well. It's like a six pronged garden fork, bent at a right angle, with a huge long handle, so you sort of sling it at the ground, then stand it on end and wiggle it, and it just clears the ground for you. So much faster than forking it over. Still will have to do the whole forking forking bit (hee. Did you spot what I did there?) but it doesn't look nearly as bad now. Well, at least the bits of earth that you can see through the mat of perennial roots. Weedfest.

And I found potatoes! Don't know if I mentioned that all my spuds went belly up, but they did. One week there were plants, the next stalks, then just couch grass. It looked like ten tiny grassy graves. Of varying heights, as that was my stupid triangular bed experiment. Sort of like the seven dwarves had various industrial accidents. Anyhoo, I was forking one of them over and found tiny dinky spuds in the earth - only a couple of handfuls, but enough for dinner with a few leeks. And half a cow that I accidentally bought in the Grafton centre when picking up a wheelbarrow. I got one of those canvas jobbies, the EasyWheel Lite or some such arse, on the grounds that a) I'd be able to get it up to the plot and b) it was cheap (£40 from Argos). Lite my backside. Still, it's supposed to be able to take 70kg, which is more than the weight of a dead dwarf, so fair enough really. Won't half feel daft on the bus, mind. (No it won't fit on the bike. I'm not even trying. Don't be silly).

And the pub mob is arriving tomorrow to look at the neighbouring plot. Even the landlord (also my landlord) who has grown nothing but toenails in his life and wouldn't know a growing plant if you stapled it to his head. Oh, dear God, what have I done...


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