Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well, it looks better than it did

Now have two beds netted. However, should a sparrow with half a brain venture along, he need just lean gently against it to either bring the whole lot down, or bounce close enough to my three cauliflowerlings that remain to scarf the lot.

I say three; of course I haven't gone up tonight yet. Am expecting Slugstock 2005; mud and excess and general celebration from all except the great big fascist Man, which would be me of course. Am going to take Nixon-era steps and consider outright warfare against these long-haired layabouts (add the hair yourselves, use your imagination).

Should perhaps bring you up to date on a couple of bullet points I threw at the blog a week or so ago. Remember weedy seedy shady bed? Where I was carefully nurturing spinach, cress and rocket?

Nuh-uh. Bindweed.

Ahem. Moving swiftly on. Have liberated garden fork from uncultivated next door allotment BUT with permission! Ah hah hah hah! Turns out bloke who rents it drinks in my local; one of the boys on the committee is his neighbour, happened to be out for a drink with him the evening after I'd asked if the plot was rented, and of all the bars they could have walked into, they had to walk into the one with the best and cheapest gin and tonics and hence me. Bargain.

Must go, want to spend money at Homebase because I can.


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