Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So it turns out that digging is hard work...

Panicky digging over of bed ahead of guilt-inspired brassica order. Gosh, that's hard work. Got bits that hadn't been fully rotavated, with big lumps of couch grass roots and rocks, and several earthworms that must have been driven deeper in the bed that had been gone over properly. Still, it looks great now, even if I end up with a lovely couch crop.

Also marked out a potato bed, attractively and possibly stupidly triangular. Also faffed about for a bit. Didn't feel like I'd achieved a lot, but was in a good mood anyway - worked out how to use hand pump for water (yes, I lack common sense), and also heard that some money I'm owed is due in the bank on Friday. Woo hoo! Went home and drank beer after watering leeklings and my amazing shady bed where, strangely enough, still nothing has germinated.

Celebrated money I don't have yet today by joining HDRA, including the heritage seed library (like I'm ever going to use it) and ordering some green manure from the Organic Gardening Catalogue plus some peculiar asparagus lettuce. Oh, and some onion sets that won't be delivered till September by which time I'll have forgotten about them. And found peculiar hardware store thanks to a post on A4A - am now proud owner of a hand fork, a grass hook and a cast iron chicken door stop. Don't have door. Must buy door. Tonight I'm being forced to abandon the plot in order to see best friend and baby plus drink lots of gin at a friend's house which, knowing him, will be ridiculously old and luxurious. The house, not the gin or the friend. Can't believe I'm resenting the time away! Definitely need the gin....


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