Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Water, water everywhere...

Spent large parts of the weekend wandering Suffolk like a bewildered turnip on a bicycle; knees no longer work. Nobody told me Suffolk had hills. Ate lots and lots of food, and got back just in time to put in a couple of hours on the lottie.

Chucked in rest of spuds, although increasingly convinced I'm doing it all wrong. Keep on reading things where they say plant 4" deep - even standing on my dibber I can't get a hole more than 3" and half the bloody seed spuds are that big anyway. So have just thrown a bit of earth over them. Best get up there tonight and throw a bit more.

Weeded salad bed - more grass than salad, really should have prepared that one properly. However, despite amazing shadyness, have rocketlings and what I hope is cress. No sign of spinach whatsoever. Took home a seed tray and a plastic bag of potting compost to try to germinate it on the windowsill but no sign of spinach there either. Don't know if I'm being too impatient, sowed seeds all wrong, or accidentally weeded it all up. Arse. Only thing I really, really, really want to grow as I can happily get through a fiver's worth of spinach in a week and it would be nice to cut that bill a bit (also have visions of grazing spinach bed in cattlish manner, which would make me laugh, if nobody else).

Leeks don't seem to be dead yet, but how do you tell? They just sit there and leek at you. Haven't the first idea about the celeriac, including what it is (big root.. er that's it). Finally, wondering where the hell brassica plants are, and do they really need firm soil? Because if they do, I'm stuffed, as I haven't got any. It's all been rotavated, and I've dug one of the beds I was going to put them in. Isn't it amazing how strange and obsessed you can get over something in a relatively short time, yet still have this boundless ignorance? I really don't have a clue. Not a one. Nor a shed roof, which is another worry as cannier wildlife who watch the BBC weather reports seem to be pairing off.

Ordered more stupid seeds. Got to find a gardening corner type arrangement to put everything in before it takes over whole flat and I can never find anything ever again. Maybe tonight when I get back from plot. (ha!)


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