Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At last! But not exactly well laid out.

Many many photos (okay, four) of exactly the same thing. In the foreground, earth moving, for the planting of potatoes and of asparagus. In the background, shent. In the middle, leeks. Oh, and a wheelbarrow that doesn't belong to me.

Note the attractive arrangement of black plastic with stupid holes cut in it, and in the lower right hand corner of the picture, the Big French Tool.

A close up on some leeks here, with my daft red coat hanging off a bush.

My particular favourite here, focusing in on a pile of discarded perennial roots. If you want to use this in Couch Grass Quarterly, please apply for rights.

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Lack of achievement

I have achieved nothing, except to cover the table in the spare room with tomato plants (can no longer remember if I remembered to label them) and chilli plants that I should have potted on four weeks ago, hence not leaving them the time to grow to full maturity and thus entirely negating the purpose of planting them. It's been one of those months. Should I achieve anything, anything at all, even vaguely related to the allotment, I'll post it here immediately. I might even upload a photo if bloody Blogger will bloody let me.

And no, it won't. Gah.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Glub. Glub. Glub.

It has been raining for ninety three million years and I've forgotten where my allotment is. I managed to plant some runner beans in the sucking mud last week and will have to swim up after work this week and see if the plot is still there. Only I can't, because I've taken on some freelance work that I've left till the very last minute and will have to do after work on Tuesday and Wednesday, then on Thursday I have to travel to the joy that is Luton in order to get up at ouch o'clock on Friday to clean out lemur cages, which, would you believe it, was my Christmas present from the Eejit. Then on Saturday I'm working the beer tent at Strawberry Fair which is the worst day of my year and I never, ever, can remember why I say yes every year. So I'm praying for rain. Which makes no sense at all.


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